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VISION ISTV (Interactive Service TeleVision)

  • A set-top-free-box IPTV system that is a total digital HD TV solution with the option of using both remote control and iPad functionality.
  • Integrates with all major PMS systems to give an interactive and personalized feel to the guest.
  • Able to: Control room devices from the TV and control TV by the guest device. VOD (Video On Demand) features available.
  • Hotel guest ‘Mirror Casting’ feature enabled.
  • Customizable skins suited to the hotels specifications.


  • The Butler is an In-Room Paired tablet application that enables guests to view, book and order both internal & external hotel services directly from your fingertips. This software boasts over 68 Language packages, serving the guest in the guest's own language.
  • With Butler, guest are able to Receive/Acknowledge/Close both requests and orders from hotel service centre.
  • Another benefit is massive revenue generated from using this Application in hotel rooms via service booking, advertisement and in-room dining.
  • All room devices including TV are directly controlled via Butler.
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BUTLER Mobile (App/WeChat Applet/Web)

  • Hotel Services displayed on Guest’s Mobile Phone, giving full access all internal and external hotel services directly.
  • Supports 68 language translations by Microsoft.
  • Both iOS and Android platforms supported.
  • No need to wait for content loading.
  • Room Control & TV control fully integrated
  • Able to check billing status.


  •  Option of Wall mounted, stand or kiosk supported normal or touch-screen displays at any size required.
  • These displays directly show hotel services, hotel introductions and nearby attractions to guests
  •  Adds unparalleled convenience as most information sought by guest is already displayed.
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  • Allows any audio-video information to be displayed in public areas.
  • DIDS: Digital Information Distribution System
  • Compatible any HDMI/DVI displays featuring multi-lingual support.
  • Cloud Technology integration for content management

Haven Skylink

  • Eazy to use high-speed internet access that is available for hotel guests and residents.
  • Secure access & fully integrated with all PMS.
  • Fully Customizable user interface with option of customizable login pages allowing for additional advertising to be directly shown to the hotel guests.
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HavenSphere - Central Management System

  • A Content management that integrates seamlessly with all other systems.
  • Ticket Management (Receive/Acknowledge/Complete orders).
  • Boasts a fully integrated language engine.
  • 3rd party system interfaces included.
  • Operation reports provided.
  • One interface with PMS for all GEP (Guest Experience Platform) systems.
  • Total GEP management solution in one platform (software).

Avocado Digital Menu

  • It’s an easy to use, complete digital menu system that fully covers all aspects of catering and ordering hospitality.
  • Boasting a range of features ranging from ePayment to Multi-lingual options.
  • Gives a more credible feeling to the luxury restaurant atmosphere.
  • Option of adding banners to increase advertising revenue.
  • Also able to evaluation staff performance and analysis staff run-time patterns.
  • Targets high-end fine dining and catering industry (HORECA).
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  • Introducing Mokee, our digital bluetooth hotel door key, (Mokee comes from Mobile Key).
  • This proprietary software comes from our  upcoming Haven Product Series that will be a downloadable APP for the guests and keep a record of the entering/exiting times,which hotel and relevant user information. Alongside these features, the cloud which this APP sends and receives signals too is bank-grade with assymetrical encryption making it the most secure and unhackable mobile key in the market today.