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The CMS or Central Management System as its widely known is our staff facing hotel system command module that allows seamless integration of all systems softwares (PMS, RMS, LBS and Panoras own product line) making management of all guest activity and information that much simpler.

This enables throrough and proper reports to be compiled and eliminates the risk of errors.

It is recommended that consideration of integrating CMS be undertaken.

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The OVERSEE system, or otherwise known as the MLM (Mobile Location Monitoring) System essentially allows for all iPads and hotel devices to be constantly tracked, monitored and connected to for the following purposes:

Allows staff to monitor the location and status (battery and online connectivity) of the devices. This is especially useful for when it comes to theft concerns as many iPads are under threat of being taken away from the hotel room vicinity. 

Not with Oversee.
With strategically placed beacons, connection to the OVERSEE manager cloud and prior-installed OVERSEE software, it is near impossible for the iPad to be taken away from the hotel room without lobby staff being notified. Once the iPad leaves the room, a notification/alarm will sound at the staff-end.

Not only that, but if the iPad gets disconnected from the Wifi, disconnected from the charging dock (optional setting) or when the battery gets lows, staff can be prompted to remind the guest with a call OR ask housekeeping to reconnect manually.

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OVERSEE ensures all hotel devices are completely safe, un-stealable and always connected to the PMS system.

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